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LXC #1 is here. We did it!

Phew. I'm currently sat at my desk in somewhat of a daze, thumbing through the inaugural issue of LXC, hot off the presses. I think I speak for all of my team when I say compiling this magazine was a real labour of love - not many 84-page luxury titles are put together in the space of five-odd weeks, let me tell you, let alone a debut issue - but here we are.

Designed as a "cutting-edge journal of contemporary luxury" (fancy, eh?), LXC was made in collaboration with the wonderful Tony Chambers, and it's a magazine I'm really proud to put my name to as editor. Covering everything from design and fashion to travel, art and automobiles, it features fantastic features by the likes of Josh Sims, Hugh Francis Anderson, Zoe Dare Hall and many others, along with gorgeous illustrations from Shonagh Rae. The celestial-themed watch and jewellery photoshoot is a real treat too, shot by Mitch Payne and styled by Maya Linhares-Marx.

On-deadline me can explain it better than post-press me ever could - more deets in my ed's letter below.

But now I must dash - gladrags are to be donned and warpaint applied, in preparation for the launch party at the Design Museum tonight. I'll be the one in culottes and red lippy, enthusiastically accosting any poor waiter with canapés.

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